Time required to build a website?
2014-01-24 04:39:27 UTC
Hai everyone. I know few areas of System programming. But when it comes to Web, I am almost a dummy. I know few things like HTML, CSS and JavaScript. Like not how to implement them but know what role they play in websites. I am going to learn those things in a few months. I have to finish building a website containing about 10 pages for an organization by August 10th. Considering a month is spent on building the website, do I have enough time to learn web programming for a good-looking website. I can start learning from March only, as I have a busy schedule for now.
Remember that I have to learn HTML5, CSS and JavaScript. Do I need to learn PHP for implementing a simple database? Like user has to register only once. He is not going to log in or something like that. But simply one-time registration for making a list of users for myself.
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2014-01-24 04:47:42 UTC
It's hard enough to do a time analysis when you already have all the details, screen mock-ups, etc. It's completely impossible to do a time analysis when you know absolutely nothing about the web site.

Here are some tips:

Use VISIO or WORD to draw up some screen mock-ups and get everything the way you want them before you ever write a single line of code. Review the mock-ups and requirements with the person(s) who want the web site.

Determine ALL functionality and design a work-flow (again VISIO is good for that) (what happens when you push this button, what happens when that happens, etc.)

If there are any input textboxes, include the type and size of each input on the mock-up diagram, and which (if any) are absolutely required fields.

When you DO finally write the code, make sure you include input constraints and instructions, along with validation code, etc.

Here is a website of things NOT to do on your web page: "Websites that suck"

Good luck on that.
2014-01-27 00:38:51 UTC
If you want to create a database for the website, you will need to learn php/mysql also, or similar. You could also use ultilmatewb - it makes the process a lot faster and easier, and you don't need any coding experience (though you can add/edit your own coding if you want). It has all the features you need built-in, and you can fully customize it, and even create your own custom design.
Unknown Person
2014-01-24 12:47:55 UTC
You have enough time if you study them 2-4 hours a day

And it also depends on the time you take to understand stuff
2014-01-24 13:33:03 UTC
you can use wordpress for building website it is most used platform for building website more than 30% website in world use it.
2014-01-30 14:42:46 UTC
for HTML5 you can see video demonstrations on

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